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Synergiehub, an epicenter for self-empowered culture


The Synergiehub is an open network that invites you to participate in projects for fair economy, grassroots governance, free education and citizen journalism. The projects include activities in the domains of agriculture, housing, health and technology. We strive to co-create a future that embraces Permaculture principles in all aspects of life.

Wherever you are, be involved! We work glocally around the world and from the Décentrale, an old art-nouveau villa that you can come and stay at to collaborate on projects.

Our wiki weaves together the projects, people and organisations that make up the social fabric of a self-empowered culture that we are all together co-creating.

Décentrale, an open space for collective change

On the sunny mountain top...

The Décentrale property on Mont-Soleil, Switzerland is an open space used by many projects that are self-organised through the Synergiehub. The property is owned by the non-profit Permavillages association, administered by the Coopérative Décentrale and is itself self-organised through the Synergiehub as well.

At the heart of the one hectare property, an old art-nouveau villa houses up to 24 people and provides workshop rooms, the kitchen and social living space. The surrounding park offers additional shelter in the form of tiny houses, caravan, tipi and yurt. The mix of park trees, open meadows and forest provide a good opportunity to develop an edible forest garden.

The venue is located a two minutes walk from public transportation:

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Association Permavillages

The Permavillages association is a non-profit organisation that purchases properties in order to remove them from the speculative market of our current economic system and offer them as seeds for self-empowered culture in the spirit of permaculture in all aspects of life.

It is the owner of the Décentrale property on Mont-Soleil, Switzerland. It gifts the use of that property to the Coopérative Décentrale, which is charged with administering the property in a way that encourages self-empowered culture in projects that aim to apply permaculture ethics and design principles to all aspects of life in society at large.

You may find more information on the association's wiki page.

Coopérative Décentrale

The Décentrale is a venue and co-working space where local residence from nearby communities as well as live-in co-creators from all parts of the world self-organise their activities and share skills, resources and ideas in a self-empowered culture, inspired by permaculture principles. We help structure and coordinate the building up of this culture and of its economic activities, between the people and projects working together, inside the Synergiehub network and throughout the world.

The use of the Décentrale property is gifted to the Coopérative Décentrale by the Permavillages Association. The cooperative is responsible for the administration of the property, to enable a self-empowered and effective use in keeping with the intentions of the founders.

You may find more information on the cooperative's wiki page.

Be involved

These are the ways you can be involved:

  1. Join our main Synergiehub telegram group and ask to be added to other groups that interest you
  2. Join us for some already planned workshops and projects, or add your own proposals
  3. Sign up for a fellowship, with reduced rates for regular stays, making the Décentrale your part-time home
  4. Become a sponsor of other people's activities in the Synergiehub
  5. Make a financial contribution in the form of shares of the non-profit Decentrale Cooperative
  6. Explore related movements, join them and help them move forward
  7. In all of the above, share your experiences, talents and energy to propel the vision forward
  8. Get on the mailing list

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